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Festival Factory is excited about the other side! Promoters everywhere have suffered heavy losses on cancelled festivals. We are very sorry for all earning their living in the live entertainment industry. You will come back! For now and the foreseeable future, do your best to stay safe for yourself and your loved ones. Festival Factory is planning now for your festival future. 2022 will see a huge resurgence in American festivals!
In this time of need, please help feed hungry Americans. FEEDING AMERICA

Festival Factory specializes in multi-day, campout music festivals, making them destination events, heavily involving the community.

STOMPIN FEST is also planned for Rockinhorse Ranch in mid-Tennessee, 2022.

Festival Factory is presently working with a group to complete a 585-acre, rural music festival park in Tennessee by 2022. This project is a result of years of due diligence and continued planning. Rockinhorse Ranch will host major music festivals with an emphasis on reasonable prices from tickets to beer. Rockinhorse Ranch will be enjoyed by millions over the years making life-changing memories for everyone venturing there. The location is a very special green place.

Festival Factory’s Hal Davidson
and SAWL Corp’s George Dixson
Festival Factory’s Hal Davidson and SAWL Corp’s George Dixson
2020 upon signing a 10 yr. lease starting fests at Rockinhorse Ranch 2022.

Festival Factory is in negotiations to bring back Rock Fiesta, the epic 2016 weekend Latino music festival. Rock Fiesta may be produced out west in 2022.

Festival Factory also consults on concerts and music festivals, providing hard to find experience and knowledge, with a deep understanding of the concert and music festival market today. We are specialists in formulating high quality, effective concert and music festival investment proposals and budgets, and assess projects. Festival Factory is a full spectrum promoter, capable of any task in the concert and music festival industry, working in the United States and in other countries.

"Thank you so much !!! This [proposal and budget] is AWESOME. You really know what you’re doing !" R. Jackson Festival Promoter, VA

Festival Factory is an ethical concert and music festival company using Best Practices. We only require professional communications.

Stay tuned for more exciting news in 2020


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